Mental Health First Aid

Training for mental health & well being

Whole Range of MHFA Courses available

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MHFAMental Health First Aid Awareness £65

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MHFA awareness is required to give workers, supervisors and managers an insight into the recognition of MH issues and what to do about them.More course details...

MHFAMental Health First Aid Champion £130

MHFA Ch class

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Just like injury first aid there is a requirement for staff to be able to deal with mental health issues and prevent them from escalating. Attending this one day course will explain the means by which the first aider can recognise signs and symptoms when things go wrong You can pay through PayPal. More course details..

MHFAMental Health First Aid Advanced £220

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This is a two day qualifying course for persons appointed as MH First Aiders it is a qualifying course and consists of gaining in depth insight into workplace mental health issues and the appropriate immediate treatment of the issues.More Course details...