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Mental health Advice

Mental Health Advice is available from many organisations. You may have a MHFA facility at your workplace or a manager/supervisor who can talk to you about the issues you may be experiencing. There is always someone willing to hear what you have to say, please use this site for advice.


A range of mental health and wellbeing training for any industry

Mental Health First Aid

If you are looking for specialist Mental Health training services you have reached the right place. We can provide you with all levels of Mental Health training for your workplace.

We are a professional training specialist, we offer a range courses that are accredited. However if you wish to just have some training and are not concerned with being accredited by MHFA England we can deliver those as well. This can be delivered under the CITB Assured Training Scheme.

Accredited Range of Mental Health First Aid courses

Our MHFA courses are designed for use in a working environment, especially the construction industry and will help the potential mental health first aider to be able to deal with crisis and management situations in adults.

MHFA England accredited Training Courses

Our specialist area is for construction industry first aiders but we can also deliver bespoke training for all other industries. We have network of MHFA England Instructor Members accross the UK.

We are now able to offer Mental Health First Aid training, which in time will become a legal requirement to have trained personnel in the workplace who are qualified to deal with mental health emergencies.

Mental Health First Aid Training Courses for Construction

Here are the courses we can deliver within the construction workplace:

MHFA Training Courses Available online or through distance learning

MHFA training with exactly the same content of the face to face courses can now be delivered to your desktop by online platforms using PC, Laptop, Tablet or phone.

How can I pay?

You can pay for them online through PayPal, make payments by debit/credit card or by BACS transfer and this will generate information about all aspects of your course

Getting information

If you need a course that you do not see here please ask as we can help in any safety course.

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